Monday, June 17, 2013

Best Father's Day So Far

- Wake up whenever I want to, after 8:30am, to the sounds of birds chirping outside the opened windows - it's been in the 60s every night this month, and in the 70s every day.

- Have a nearly all-organic breakfast, with my wonderful wife.  (only the bacon bits, portobello mushrooms,  and the Fage Greek yogurt were not organic)  Scrambled local eggs, sweet onions, bacon bits, shrooms, and a bowl of Fage with local raspberries and blue berries.

- Drive down to Salt Creek beach, getting there before 11am (so that we have a parking spot), and do yoga, side-by-side, mats sharing a sheet to keep the grass off the sheet. Ambient temp 72F, light 5mph on-shore breeze, not a cloud in the sky.

- Walk back up to the car (a nearly 200 foot vertical climb) to exchange yoga mats for beach chairs and water.  Walk back down to the shoreline, just soaking up UV and the gorgeous weather.  Other people's toddlers cutely played in the surf nearby... we didn't have to take care of any of them. =)

- After an hour or so, walk down the shore, and back up to the car, and drive to A's Burgers in Dana Point, to have a delicious, lettuce wrapped double hamburger

- Drive home in the convertible, gather reading materials and adult beverages, apply more sun screen, and head down to the pool.

- Enjoy lounging at the pool, reading many chapters of my book, consuming Cruzan rum laden drinks, soaking in the hot tub, swimming with my wonderful wife.

- Sometime after 5pm, walk back up to the house with my wife, have a delicious dinner together, spend more quality time together.

Of the quarter century of Father's Days I've had, this was the best one ever.

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