Friday, June 14, 2013

Absolutely Rotten Mango

Earlier this year, I bought a bottle of Absolute Mango vodka for Dr Desert Flower.  She wanted Citron, and Total Wine was out of Citron that day.  We both love the taste of mangoes, so I thought, "why not?" The Mango Absolute was a mistake.  Our bottle carried a pungent aftertaste reminiscent of what a kitchen garbage can smells like the day after you throw away a bunch of orange peels.  There's a acrid, revolting, intrusive scent and acidic lingering taste that took a great deal of cranberry and stevia to over-power.  It's never a good idea to drink something whose taste you need to "over-power" or "over-whelm".

I won't be making the same mistake again, of buying or drinking Absolute Mango.  If you enjoy the biting taste, stinging scent, and lingering "ewwwww" on your tongue that is similar to rotting orange peels, then this beverage may be for you.

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