Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Black Socks & Shorts On Clueless Californians

When I was growing up, men and boys wore black socks with trousers.  If you were wearing shorts, you might wear white socks that went up to your mid calf or higher.  If you were wearing sandals, you didn't wear socks.  It was "gauche", in bad taste, looked bad, and - as my mother used to tell me - the darker socks held smell more, and could not be bleached out and sanitized as well as white socks could.    So I went more than 4 decades not seeing any respectable man or boy wear long dark socks anywhere, except during a soccer practice, if the team colors required dark socks to be worn.  Any man who wore dark socks with sandals was an obviously clueless social inept.

Then I moved to California.  I guess, back in Arizona there COULD Have been long dark socks being worn but most Phoenicians wore their barrio shorts so low that they were longer than most girls' capri pants hems, so I never saw them.   But here in California, boys, young men, middle aged men, old men, fat men, thin men, guys of all ages and ethnicities and marital statuses are wearing long black socks with tennis shoes or sandals and short pants.  When did that become socially acceptable, or even a preferred way to wear socks?  I've seen it outside Sports Chalet, in malls, at gas stations, walking down the street, in grocery stores, at COSTCO, and even at the beach.

I will not embrace this silly trend of long dark socks with shorts of any hem, I will not like it Sam-I-am. I will not wear them near to dusk, I will not wear them on a bus, I do not like the looks of it, I think in fact it looks like sh*t.  Just as I have refused to wear shorts that extend far below my knee, or brown-bagged elastic waisted old-man pants, or over-priced Ed Hardy shirts.  I'll leave those to the sheeple.

Just when did this "fashion trend" begin, and who can I credit (or blame) for promoting the acceptability of such poor choices? What "personality" thought it was a good idea, and now so many sheeple want to be just like their icon?  Put some trousers on, a kilt, or wear lederhosen perhaps if you're going to sport dark socks in America. Wear dark socks with sandals, and you're demonstrating you don't understand the joy of wearing sandals.

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  1. I tend to agree with those women that think us boys should not no shoes and no socks when in shorts, but only sandals and utterly barefoot :). I'm not very fond of sandals yet, but shoes are not very consistent with a summery outfit, same can be said for socks, which look a bit out of place with shorts.
    Some people is not wrong wearing socks with sandals, though, I'd also use them if I'm walking a long way in sandals to prevent friction of feet, but it's too warm for shoes. But I'd recommend only short, black or dark, ankle length socks, if we have to.
    There are other exception on not wearing socks with shorts, also.


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