Monday, May 13, 2013

First California Outdoor Grooming

I groomed our 19 year old cat this evening, outside.  There was almost no wind, so her combed hair didn't blow far in the wind.   I filled up an entire tissue box full of 19yr old American Short Haired fur.   It took over an hour.   Dr Desert Flower and I bought a package of Curad surgical face masks at Target, which helped to keep the fur out of my lunch and face.  A trio of purple finches were annoyed that I was grooming a potential predator near the hummingbird feeders from which they were determined ot drink nectar... and a dozen or so neighbors on the footpath behind our home noticed me in gauntleted gloves, long sleeves (it was over 90F today), long pants, and a face mask combing and petting / spanking our old cat.   No one has called the ASPCA yet....  I will be sad when she eventually expires.

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