Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Week At MUSC

Well, the last week I've been on an unplanned trip to Charleston SC, to attend to my son in the MUSC hospital, after a nasty knee infection took over and got him admitted to the hospital ER & ICU.  He's recovering now, and will be out of the hospital now and back to his home by the weekend, and I'll be on a flight back to California before Memorial Day.  While I've been able to spend ALOT of quality time with my son, I do with it was under better circumstances.
View from the room, looking NW
I've become very familiar with the one-way, non-linear, and confusing roads of the Charleston peninsula, between my hotel, the MUSC campus, and my son's home.  Next time I travel, I need to remember to pack extra underwear and socks, just in case the trip gets unexpectedly extended, as this one did - then I won't have to do laundry every 3 days.
From the 10th floor observation desk looking north towards the Cooper River bridge.
I wanted to share these lovely vistas of Charleston, as most people who have visited the city have not been 100 ft above the city on the 10th floor of the teaching hospital.  Only the Francis Marion Hotel and Sgt. Jasper Apartments (built in the 50s) are taller than the MUSC patient towers.  


  1. and our son shows his father's constitution--thank God....

  2. Fewer amendments, and a more streamlined tax code in the newer Constitution =)

  3. Antibiotics (in this case clindamycin) are a wonderful.


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