Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Which Pope Are You?

Pharyngula has this wickedly wonderful posting today.

The questions are ... well... you need to see the survey for yourself. =)
After reading The Bad Popes this gives me a new perspective.


  1. I am the amalgamation of Clement VII and Benedict XIII. The Catholics will be surprised to find me in charge. The new patron of the Vatican is St. Mattress, everyone should be spending time with him on Sunday AMs

    Best option "I decree plenty, but does anyone listen?" As school is ending this week, I am tatooing this on my arm.

  2. Steve! You and I are the same pope! LOL. Did you choose Raspberry Ripple? =)

  3. I am a vanilla sort of dude - flexible, goes with everything, white. After seeing "Angels and Demons" this past Monday, I am so ready to be Pope. The cool hat alone is worth the job, Frau Young hates all my other ones. You will address me as Pope Chet I. It would be the ultimate infiltration by the Illuminati, oops I have said too much.

  4. "You are an amalgamation of those pesky anti-Popes Clement VII and Benedict XIII"

    hm, seems rigged. i chose 'chocolate', for those tracking.

  5. Zim, I think, if you DO NOT pick goat fucker, sodomite, murderer, megalomaniac, then you don't get the same nasty rating Pharyngula got. Ice cream flavor, me thinks, is a red herring.


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