Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Parental Hawk Bringing Home Dinner

I've always had an affinity for apex predators. I'm trying to live my life not killing or eating one of them, on purpose - but I do think it is immensely cool to watch apex predators in action. On a hike in the Phoenix Mountains last January, I watched with amazement as a pair of falcons defended their nest against a young interloping male. My friend Jason captured this amazing picture of a red tail hawk at a cliff he camped near last weekend on the Mogollon Rim - me thinks the Hawk was making sure the large nearly hairless ape above his nest was not going to molest the avian homestead by the look in the eye of the hawk.

I hear that the movie Earth follows apex predator cats and bears as well - which I am sure Dr Desert Flower and I will go see sometime soon - I just don't want to listen to other peoples' screaming children in a theater.


  1. Cool photo indeed ;)

    Posted a few more shots on my Flickr page -

    I still have the feeling the hawk was just having too much fun soaring and just kept flying around with that snake. The other one (of the pair, probably dad) was also taking full advantage of the great ridge lift on the rim.

    See, my dad is a glider pilot and I spent the better part of my first 15 years in the air, at 16,000+ feet. You'd be surprised how many red tailed hawks we saw up there, just soaring about. Many times we'd go round and round in thermals with a couple hawks literally at the tip of the wing... 'Eagle-eye' or Hawkeye or whatever I don't care -- even with the Hubble at that altitude there is NO way they are hunting -- rather just enjoying all the good lift like we were. So, yea, think she was just playing :)

    PS - I am going up to Utah this summer and plan to go soaring with my dad -- will have camera in tow and HOPE I can get a good closeup with another one.


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