Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Senility, Alzheimer's, or just clueless?

McCain doesn't understand geography...

McCain doesn't understand the forward progress of time... crediting The Surge™ to being the main driving force in Iraq's inter-ethnic cleaning issues
[Sunni awakening in Anbar starts 3 months prior to The Surge™]
from Crooks and Liars

McCain doesn't understand the fundamental difference between Sunnis and Shia...
from ThinkProgress

Or does he understand them, but he can't speak coherently, or express himself coherently? I thought one of the first rules of politics, is that the candidate has to have the ability to express himself in his constituent's native language... at least.. no?
CBS news comments here...

72 is not unreasonable an age for the onset of Alzheimer's... a Commander in Chief with a swiss cheese brain potentially? When Reagan was having issues in his 2nd term, wife Nancy was running alot of things quietly in the back ground. Do we want Cindy (The Joker, and former addict) stepping in for her lost hubby in 2010 or 2011?

And I used to subscribe to McCain's newsletter, when he ran against frat boy W in 2000... That was 8 years ago... how many brain cells can degenerate in that time?

It's remarkable how a "senior senator" can keep making such massive gaffes, and not be as low in the polls as say.. Alan Keyes when he ran against Obama back in 2004.

I'll be gone for a few days. Christopher and I are going to hike down into the Grand Canyon tomorrow. I hope I make it back up!

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