Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - torture techniques

Back in the Korean war, a few pilots got shot down over North Korean territory. These US pilots were turned over to the Chinese, who used various torture techniques to get false confessions from the airmen. Techniques included: (from the 1975 study detailing them)
- standing for long periods of time
- sleep deprivation
- monotonous food
- threats of death
These techniques got the American pilots to admit to all sorts of heinous crimes, false intelligence, meaningless confessions that only won PR campaigns amoung the North Korean kool aid drinkers.

So, with a sense of frustration that Guantanamo interrogations were not going fast enough, not producing enough "actionable intelligence" ... the Bush administration directed the Pentagon to apply the Chinese torture techniques on Gitmo prisoners, removing the study's title from the 1957 medical journal article that expounded upon them, and insert the techniques into the interrogation manual used at Gitmo. To hear the "Here and Now" radio report on it, click here and then search on July 2nd (if it is not July 2nd when you read this).

Another awesome decision, in a string of decisions from this incompetent and evil neo-cons.

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