Tuesday, May 3, 2016

So Many Idiotic Hoosiers

As a native Hoosier, having lived the first 2 decades of my life there... being born there... getting my college education there... filing my taxes there for many years... having owned a home in Monroe County there for more than 7 years... I am astonished at how many gullible, misinformed, base-ball-cap-wearing, fake-Oakley-wearing, inarticulate, moronic, passionate Trump supporters there are in Indiana.

I have yet to meet a single, articulate, intelligent Trump supporter who can explain to me, logically, without hatred or bigotry or easily-debunked-psuedo-facts, why they are a Trump supporter, and why other Americans should become Trump supporters.  Trump is so often wrong, and always inflammatory, that no normal, logical, fact-based-thinking individual can actually justify, calmly, and without vitriol, why they support him.  I understand why Bernie won Indiana... I would have voted for him if I was still a Hoosier, as he is the under-dog outsider who is anti-establishment, self-funded, and not beholden to corporate or billionaire interests.  But Trump is an empty suit, a vacuous loud-mouth who easily dupes the misinformed and willfully uninformed to flock to his support in the primaries.
Wilmore Trump
I wish I was not registered as an Independent in California, as that makes it much harder to vote in the Democrat or Republican primaries... but... that's what having to travel to Asia for 2 weeks for business in April during primary registration season does for a permanently "vote by mail" citizen. Oh well.

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