Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kallstadt's Greatest Hypnotist

Kalltstadt Germany is the ancestral home of more than one famous American.  (LA Times link here) Teresa Kerry Heinz, of the Heinz ketchup fortune, has family roots in Kallstadt.  But her fame & actual fortune pales in comparison to Kallstadt's more recently famous, or infamous son, Donald Drumpf, the self proclaimed "Billionaire" who has bamboozled and thrilled his willing throngs to vote for him in the 2016 Republican primary with his attacks on immigrants, Muslims, and other fictional foes that gullible Umerikuns easily blame for anything that is wrong in their lives.

You see, I won't call Donald J. Drumpf by the family name his grand-father changed it to, out of principle.  My father immigrated to the US legally in the 1950s, coming from worn-torn post-WWII Germany & Poland, and Did Not change our family name.  Ellis Island spelled it exactly as my Grandmother and Catholic Charities (who sponsored my family's immigration to the US, through a priest of the same last name) had it spelled on the immigration documents.

I call Donald J Drumpf Kallstadt's greatest hypnotist because after watching Scott Adams last night on Real Time With Bill Maher, I came to understand that Drumpf is truly an effective hypnotist of the willing, gullible, feeble-minded, and easily persuaded.  To someone like me, who relies on facts, and not rhetoric or fear, I see Drumpf as the failed small-town German circus clown he truly is.  Frighteningly, millions of my fellow American citizens have fallen for his shtick; hook, line, and sinker.  (more on that on the next post).

I wonder how well Drumpf Steaks, Drumpf University, Drumpf Recession Proof Vitamins, Drumpf Wine, Drumpf Airlines, Drumpf Casinos, and Drumpf Real Estate would have done, if they had not been re-branded with the imaginary name Donald's father created?  The world will never know... and if Scott Adams is right, a year from now in May or June 2017, just 4 or 5 months after this circus clown, con-man, serial liar, bankruptor, thin-skinned, no-filter, man-baby takes office after winning "in a land slide", we'll be sifting through the ashes of a post-apocalyptic world where North Korea, or Pakistan, or someone launches a pre-emptive strike after Donald's mouth has offended them, and President Drumpf retaliates in a rapid escalation that makes Doom, or Quake, or Halo appear to be a more tame and livable world than where we'll ne in 2017.  After the first week of November on 2016, I'll be stock piling canned food, ammunition, fuel and clean water, in an effort to take care of my family for as long as I can and trying to get the Carlsbad desalination plant back online with the remnants of civilization.

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