Saturday, May 28, 2016

Scott Adams's Prediction Scares The Hell Out of Me

Back in 2015, Scott Adams - the Dilbert creator and trained hypnotist - predicted that Donald J Drumpf would win the 2016 United States general election for President "in a landslide".  I was not aware of this, until I watched Real Time with Bill Maher last night on DVR.

And after this interview,  I decided I will begin stock piling ammunition, lumber, batteries, canned food, fuel, potable water, and the essentials to make it through a post-apocalyptic hellscape that America will become after Donald J Drumpf starts a war with some aggravated country who he thinks he can "negotiate with".  I don't know if it will be Pakistan, or North Korea, or a consortium of the BRIC countries... but Donald will inevitably Tweet or Broadcast or inflame some nation that will then launch an EMP device, or relate a biological agent or contaminate the drinking water or breathable air, and much of America, if not all of it, will be caught up in the conflagration.

I visited shooting ranges in Arizona and California during the Obama administration, and sure there were many posters for "Obama, the greatest gun sales man ever" put up by ignorant fear mongers who questioned the President's citizenship, thought he was a secret Muslim, and that he was going to destroy America.  How did that work out for y'all, dumbasses?  All you did was drive up the price of ammo for yourselves, fools. The demise of America these hyperbolic & myopic nationalists predicted Never came to fruition, and won't come to fruition, while there is an intelligent, educated, thoughtful, rational resident of The White House.  American will be fine until at least the first week of November 2016.  After that, if Scott Adams is right, and Donald J Drumpf wins in a land slide as predicted, leveraging his persuasive marketing techniques on a gullible and stupid populace, all bets are off.  President Camacho from Idiocracy would be a better leader than Donald J. Drumpf.

I hope it doesn't come to that...

For President Camacho's State of The Union Address, go here:

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