Monday, July 6, 2015

Why Don't Coyotes Eat Peacocks?

The mystery that has been troubling us since we moved to N. San Diego county was solved this evening:  Why don't the coyotes eat the Peacocks and Peahens?  Coyotes are wily hunters... surely they must enjoy peacock or peahen delicacies, much as they do the chihuahua or shitzu or outdoor domestic cat.  The answer: coyotes cannot fly.

My mother in law swore that the peacocks were calling all night very near to the upstairs guest room in our home when she was here last month.  Perhaps, they were actually on the roof, as these pictures document they are well capable of reaching.  While flying clumsily, they do get the job done, and the peahens have peahen parties of 2 or more, aggregating / assembling for safety in numbers.

Flying past you, and then trotting off through your neighbor's lawn? I meant to do that!

This came after I was unloading bags of mulch from my Mazda wagon, when I noticed a peacock male with brilliant plumage eating from my neighbor's lawn.  SUDDENLY, his buddy flies past me, beside my garage and over my garbage dumpsters, after grazing in my back yard on fuchsia, seeds & bugs.  I am glad I can provide habitat for the massive fowl and the finest nectar drinkers in my neighborhood.

Had I not been trying to photograph these hummingbirds, I would have totally missed the in-bound peahens as they alighted on my roof and chimney this evening before dark. They stayed only a little while, before moving off to more camera shy roofs of my neighbors.


  1. Interesting. We talked to a woman in Ireland who had a peacock. She said she couldn't keep hens for him because the foxes kept killing them. He was just a bit too big for them.

    I wonder if suburban coyotes have too good a thing going with eating housecats to even bother trying to catch peacocks.

  2. perhaps Irish foxes are more wily than California coyotes?


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