Thursday, July 16, 2015

Batiquitos Lagoon Yoga Studio

Last week Thursday, while on a four hour mountain bike ride around Batiquitos Lagoon, I stumbled upon a lovely place to do yoga.  Over the weekend I had no chance to go there again...  but Tuesday afternoon I was able to get back down there with a broom and my yoga mat, covered in SPF75 sun screen.  It was a wonderful place to do yoga.
Looking South towards the lagoon island shoal where Least Terns, Plovers, and other birds nest.
And it was highly effective, as my blood pressure dropped 15 points, both diastolic and systolic numbers.  when I took it upon reaching home.  I was a wimp and drove down there, and drove back up, the 400 foot elevation rise... as I had a 6pm con call I had to get to with Asia, and didn't want to be struggling to climb the hill on my bike... but int he future I hope to be biking down there.
In seated and supine poses, the Pacific is not visible, but it is while standing. The ocean breeze is nearly constant.
My thanks to Eagle Scout Todd Fritz, BSA Troop 750  who built the platform back in 2009, and who probably had no idea that anyone would use it as a place to do yoga.  (Once the rocks and cigarette butts were swept off, the flat rock was very comfy)

My thanks also to Inez  Yoder to whom the park bench was dedicated.  I assume she played a pivotal role in helping to preserve the lagoon from commercial development (a simple Google search showed she wrote articles for the LA Times on the lagoon).

No thanks to the chronic smoker who doesn't understand that their wantonly discarded cigarette butts strewn all around the bench, probably as they sat on Inez's bench enjoying the beautiful view and ocean breeze, would not degrade and turn back into basic elements for at least another  2 to 5 years for the cellulose acetate filter internals (in ideal landfill conditions, not laying on the ground).

My thanks also to the graffiti artist who scribed "Be Yourself" on the bench...  an interesting, individualistic message, probably scribed by a teenager who was sick of conforming.

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