Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No Big Lizard, But Lots Of Peacocks

Way back in 2008, I mentioned the lizards in my back yard in Phoenix (link here)

I still have lots of little lizards in my yard...  eating beetles, little bugs, keeping my tomato plants healthy, dodging hummingbirds who menace them...   and the yard is Much more lush and green here.  But l also have another species that visits the yard.

Both the front yard, and the back yard, and the chimney (as I mentioned earlier, link here)

The white peacock is NOT an albino... it has a color-deficiency mutation in its genes (the Lou Carillo ranch park rangers had it tested... and... it doesn't have red eyes as true albinos would).  The road in front of our house runs approximately east-west, and there's a fairly stiff breeze that almost always blows from the coast (3 miles to the west) down the street.  It is kind of humorous to see the peacocks with massive tail feathers 2X longer than the rest of their body, be pushed along by a still "tail wind" that even tries to "curve" their tail feathers, and turn their whole body sideways.

Maybe it's NOT the rabbits after all who are eating my flowers... maybe it's the peacocks!!

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