Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tonight's Inspiration brought to you by....

This (along with the Irish Whiskey) was tonight's inspiration:

well, the lovely sunset, AND the fact that my annoying neighbor's home is "In Escrow" which just delights Dr Desert Flower and I endlessly.  By "annoying" I mean:
- leers at DDF at the neighborhood Christmas party, at length, enough to make the seasoned and thick skinned DDF uncomfortable enough to say "let's go, now, please"
- looks through the holes in the fence into our back yard
- complains when I cut his trees that are over-hanging my pool and dropping leaves into my pool, stating (falsely and stupidly) "oh, I didn't know they were going in your pool" [BS, for 10 years the previous owners argued with you about it]
- has two incessantly annoying barking chihuahuas that really should be food for hawks
- comes over to complain after 4th of July when we had friends visiting who brought kids and who we ALL swam in the pool and had fun "it was really loud yesterday" to which the dad of the kids and I replied to chihuahua walking retired New Yorker "yes, kids are loud, deal with it"

So the fact that annoying jerk's home is in Escrow, gives us hope that someone nicer will move in soon.  Il faut voir.  Maybe they will have pit bulls that poop everywhere and after which they don't clean up... =\

Il faut voir.

My friends Joe M, Anne M, Ryan and Garvey will appreciate the gravitas of this seismic shift in the universe's alignment.

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