Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goodwill of Guava

We are moved into our new home, further inland / farther from the beach, but closer to Dr Desert Flower's work, and no longer renting, but have bought a house instead (not sure how I'll handle the last 10 years of the mortgage if the place doesn't appreciate... as old as I am... but I digress).  We met the former owners who showed us how several things worked, why several 'unique' things were configured the way we bought them, and what the different fruit trees were in the yard.  They were the original owners from when the home was built (back before my son was born) and wanted to make sure they could answer any questions we had.  It was an amicable sale & meeting, with real estate agents in attendance for the final walk-through.

In the back corner of the yard is a Massive guava tree, at least 2 dozen years old.  Next to the garage is another smaller guava tree, an apple tree, and an apricot tree that is dormant this year (on a 3 year cycle, so the previous owner said).  The Massive guava tree is producing a bucket of fruit each day, some of it so ripe, it is falling off.  DDF and I do not have a fondness for guava, so she's been taking it to work and I've been Fedexing it to my corporate HQ office where my office administrator loves it.

When I went to the Fedex store today to ship package #2 of guava this week, I took a hummus-sized container or RIPE guava with me, waited in line to drop it off, and then offered the desk clerk the guava as she gave me the receipt.   She was delighted, and thanked me.  When I asked her if she had more Fedex padded envelopes (good for cushioning guava) she said "I get only one shipment in each month of them, and I have only a handful left".  "Can I get two, please?"  She looked at the guava, looked at the 4 remaining she had, and gave me 1/2 of them.

It seems that the goodwill of guava is quite popular, and it appeared to "make her day".  If you'd like some guava too, send me a Fedex account number, and a shipping address, and I'll send you some before the tree runs out.


  1. Congrats on closing the place!

  2. Thanks Joe! It is weird to be a home owner again, after renting for a year. Lulled me into a false sense of "I don't have to fix that, call the land lord"... =P lol!


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