Monday, September 23, 2013

Gerard Bertrand Minervois 2008

I do love my Minervois.  I found this Gerard Bertrand Minervois at Costco of all places for $10 a bottle, and it was as good as Chateau Landure - about which I have opined here before.  It was the last bottle at the Laguna Niguel Costco, and had been placed in the wrong bin, but I relocated it to my cart and was delighted when it rang up at just $10.  Why Americans can't relate to French regional wines and rely upon the varietal for what they like or dislike, is well beyond my comprehension.  I could take the Best of grapes, and throw them together poorly, transport them haphazardly, store them warmly, and they'd be terrible.  "Syrah / Carignan" well..   yes...  but don't forget the Grenache, Lledoner Pelut, and Mourvedre grapes as well.  Silly narrowly focused, uninformed American shoppers.

It got a 91/100 rating from Wine Speculator, which (to me) means that someone from Wine Spectator knows someone from the Chateau who knows someone, who got them several cases, and they liked it even though it was not a 20 or 30 Euro bottle.  I liked it, it's made in Minervois, and that's all that's important to me.  =)

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