Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Lackluster Year For The Bears Offense

Confused Bear Offense
Dr Desert Flower and I were out looking at possible homes to buy on Sunday, so I missed the NFL Sunday Ticket to which I stupidly and Expensively subscribed last May for nearly $300.  When we got home around 3pm, I turned on the TV thinking I could watch the Bears game that I'd set the DVR to record earlier.  DirectTV had other plans for me though.  See, I did not hit the little "red button" hidden behind the sim card front door, to "reset" my box, since last May when I subscribed, so it recorded NOTHING.  This infuriated me, having paid so much for a season, and having planned to watch the game while frying up several pounds of maple cured bacon from Canada in my cast iron skillet, reserved exclusively for bacon frying.  I finally calmed down, put on the Green Bay / SF game, and tried to enjoy it.   Green Bay was not losing enough, so I turned it off, and watched some old Dr Who episodes that I'd not previously seen as I fried the bacon, salvaged all the bacon fat, and burnt up the afternoon.

I saw a show called "NFL Shortcut" and had no idea what it was, but I hoped it might have some or all of the Bear's game highlights.  It was set to play at 9:30pm Pacific time, so I set my newly reset DVR to "record" the little "$" show on NFLST, and hoped for the best.   I knew that Chicago beat the Cincinnati Bengals 24 to 21, but I had no idea about the details of the game.  DDF and I watched BReaking BAd, and I went to bed early, having a 5am call Monday morning.
Typical Bear Defense, Week 1 of the 2013 NFL Season

So this afternoon, when I finished my day of work, I began to cook myself breakfast at 3pm, and low and behold, there was the "NFL Shortcut".  It was commercial free, time-out free.  Just the plays that mattered.  In less than 30 minutes, at a frenetic pace, I was able to see every run, pass, fumble, kick, and turn-over.  It was a great game for the Chicago defense, in particular Tillman.  But sadly, again, another lackluster performance by the Bears offense.  The running backs tried, and made some progress.  Marshall caught several passes with amazing skill.  But QB Cutler could not organize his troops, and exhibited his typical inconsistencies.  Throwing on 30 yard pass, and getting a first down, and then squandering the next 3 downs to have to kick.  There as no cool steely finesse of Aaron Rodgers.  No 3-ringed bravado of Tom Brady.  No decades honed innate skills of the Manning brothers displayed.  No flair of a Colin Kaepernick, and even the Andy Dalton's losing performance was much better than Cutler's accidental, Defense produced winning performance.

I found myself cringing at punt after punt.  Again this year, once Cutler was sacked hard, the little birdies and stars flew around his head and he had trouble finding his targets, keeping his courage, and effectively scrambling.  It's sad that Chicago management thought it best to get rid of Lovie Smith but kept Jay Cutler.  Would have been better to cut Cutler, and begin grooming a young-and-up-coming rising star.  it'll be another "near 50% season" at this rate.  And I got to pay $300 to see it at home...  but I will not be yelling at my TV.  Just shaking my head, disgusted, wishing San Diego was a better team, and that Los Angeles still had the Rams.  At least the Glendale AZ Cardinals might do well... Fitzgerald is having a better year...   I still own underwater property in that state, and can be happy for them if they win next week.  I love a great defense in the NFL, but a defense needs at least a "pretty good" offense to be able to win games.  If the offense is lack luster, the defense gets burnt out, frustrated, and injured.  il faut voir.

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