Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vina Alarde Tempranillo

Vina Alarde Tempranillo 2011, 134th Cosecha De La Familia, Bodegueros Desde 1877 (since 1877) Berberana.  This Total Wine selection was one that they were offering at a "tasting" at the Laguna Hills Total Wine.  But aggravatingly, due to some arcane Californian rule, they can't "give away" the tasting, so you're required to "pay 10 cents".  I didn't have a dime on me, and I didn't want to pay a whole dollar for a wine that maybe I didn't like.

So I picked up the bottle, and saw it was a "Rioja" D.O.C. ... as I understand it, that means it is 'at least ok'.   It's not the best, nor is it the 'minimally worse' that a Spanish wine maker could produce.   Bottled for Bodegas Berberana S.A. by United Wineries.  Asked how much it was?  $8 - ok, worth a gamble.  It was fine.  I enjoyed it, even without the previous tasting.  The tasting hostess was "put off" slightly that I didn't want to "donate" a dollar... but I was in a hurry anyways, and it was a warm and humid day here when I bought it.  I really didn't need a bunch of red wine in my system on the 20 minute drive home - I was at the store to get Canton Ginger liqueur for Dr Desert Flower, and the Rioja was just a 'convenience buy".

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