Sunday, July 7, 2013

Aliso Summit

I accidentally found Aliso Summit today.   It over-looks Aliso Creek park, the Pacific Ocean, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, the Pacific Coast Highway, and many many expensive neighborhoods.  It is also over-flown by Coopers Hawks, Red Tailed Hawks, Vultures (maybe California Condors?), and Peregrine Falcons (not to mention all the mocking birds, tit mice, finches, and sparrows, who are a food source for the previous mentioned predators (Condors excluded)).

I say "accidentally" because it was HIDDEN behind a "gated community" of elitists who think that because they are rich, they are "better than" everyone else, and can exclude non-residents from access.  HA!  Well, take Google Earth, and Suck It, rich elitists.

My high school buddy Rick G.K. is visiting tomorrow, and I am going to take him to Aliso Summit, if he has good walking shoes (the path is dusty and changes elevation about 1000 feet, all-together) and it is before Sunset.   On a clear day, we'll be able to see Catalina Island!

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