Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chateau Bertinat Lartigue Saint-Emilion 2009

Chateau Bertinat Lartigue Saint-Emilion 2009, Mis En Bouteille Au Chateau (bottled in the actual Chateau, so that's always a plus), an Alfio Moriconi Selection for Total Wine.  Dr Desert Flower picked this up for about $20 at Total Wine in anticipation of one of her former co-workers coming to visit us who particularly enjoys red wine.  It was a good vintage, and it was enjoyed by all as a wonderful first bottle - we followed it up with 2 other much less expensive bottles throughout the night over the next 3 hours.

M.MORICONI has consistently demonstrated that he makes good selections, and while I used to be skeptical of such mass-purchased wines, I have grown to trust Moriconi's selections over the years.  His tastes are similar to my own, and most all of them are affordable - though the European wine prices are continuing to go up over time.

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