Sunday, March 3, 2013

USBs Unite, For Cthulhu

I want to get one of these... just for fun: (link here)
Me thinks it would be great to plug in at an internet cafe or Apple Store training session.  =P

Only thing that would make this better, was if it was also a multi-gigabyte storage device... or if could double as a "mouse" or "pointer".  Now THAT, would be really cool.

Release the Kraken!  (but make sure your battery if fully charged first)

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  1. So after getting it, and opening it... and trying it.. the device is less than awesome. It's big, heavy, and THICK. Notice the shadow under the thin laptop in which it is plugged. The tentacle is THICKER than my MacBook Air - about twice as thick. So if I align the edge of my Mac with the edge of a table, then it can wiggle and wriggle in free space. But if my Mac is on a table, forget it, the motor inside the tentacle makes the whole Mac move. Eh.... sort of a failure. If I still had my massive thick Compaq laptop brick, that weighed in at close to 10 lbs, then this thing would be great. But I don't.


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