Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Crazy Busy Apple Store On A Sunday

So Dr Desert Flower needed to return some things to several of the Mission Viejo mall stores, I signed up for a Apple "Open Training" class, so I could work / blog / email in the mall with the free Wifi and not have to hang around various retail Service counters waiting for her.  The Apple store is normally pretty busy, but on a Sunday, it is more akin to Bedlam... or the week-before- Christmas-busyness, compared to the much more tranquil atmosphere during the weekday afternoons.

Now, if I wanted to have total serenity, I guess I could go down to the Windows store, where there are very few customers, tons of employees standing around with not much to do...  but I don't think they'd welcome my AirBook in there with open arms.

The Giant butcher-block-like training tables have equally massive & solid legs on the ends.  While this makes for excellent stability, it also blocks off the end of the table so that only 4 people can crowd around it, instead of 5 using the table more effectively. But it still works pretty well.

I took this photo as I arrived with my Sony camera.  I plopped the card into the USB reader, copied it to my "pics" folder, and then tried to find it with my Google Blogger.  No can do.   Google Blogger doesn't like it.  But if I "open with" Firefox, copy the address, and then cut-and-paste that address into the Blogger "Choose files" then it finds it.

I Just now showed this conundrum to "Shannon" our friendly trainer,and she pointed out the hand Mac feature inside of Finder that lets one sort by date created, date modified, name, kind, application, etc... which is Much More handy than the old PC way of "open in Firefox" or "open in IE8" or wherever, and cut-and-psate.   This picture was 'hiding in plain sight' in the middle of the pack, sorted alphabetically until I toggled the sort-by display setting.

Learn something new everyday.  =)

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