Saturday, March 2, 2013

Greed Zombies

Yes, the creation of fictional wealth, out of derivatives, collateral default swaps, modeled future behaviour, mergers & acquisitions, as well as the legalistic BS, political BS, and promotional marketing that surrounds these imaginary concepts are all far more important than making actual, real, quality products.  Far more important than teaching our young people how to learn to build and fix and improve real things.  Far more important than helping other citizens to improve their lives.   The pursuit of infinite wealth, gained from imaginary & conflated concepts, without any trace of humanity or scruples, has taken over not just the US, but on a global scale.

I used to worry that someday my grand children will inherit a polluted environment, ruled by greedy bastards, who have corrupted the world.  But I've stopped worrying about that, and I've begun to come to grips with the realization that maybe I won't have any grand children at all - a thought that used to depress me, but now one which is perhaps the least sad out-come.


  1. Last night we did our traditional Friday night kebab shop mission. Guys working the counter know us, happy to see us, gave us some free hummous. Sometimes they offer us little glasses of hot tea while we wait.

    Out walking today: saw my former hairstylist who moved shops when the place we used to go to closed because the owners retired. He was outside his new place taking a cigarette break, recognized me before I'd even seen him, and we had a cheerful little catchup chat. He asked about the boys and such. A few minutes later, I went to the aquarium shop to buy some plants for the fish to eat. Hadn't seen the owner in at least a year. He was happy to see me, asked about the boys. Went into the butcher shop. They were happy to see me, as always. Boys had guitar lessons today, also in the village, in a little apartment above the minicab (licensed car service) place. Didn't do the usual swing by the deli but if I had it's likely I would've gotten nods and smiles of recognition on the way from the fishmonger and the drycleaner before a warm welcome from the deli proprietor and/or staff. If we'd stopped by the local bookshop we probably would've been greeted by the large and friendly shop dog, and maybe gotten a new book recommendation for the youngster.

    The world's not that bad of a place. Most people are mostly decent most of the time. Go for a walk. Say hello to some folks in your neighbourhood. Maybe take a news holiday. You'll feel better.

  2. Interestingly, one set of errands required driving instead of walking, and that ended up being the only time I really got annoyed today.

  3. And one of these days captchas will be the cause of my having a massive psychotic break, so maybe don't take my guidance on anything.

  4. We walked from the Ritz Carlton, to a point on the beach I have begun calling "pelican poop point" because of who white the sand stone was. then back past the Ritz, down to the Nature Preserve, back through Dana Point park, back down to the beach, then up the 150ft hill next to the Ritz. We thought about going into the Ritz to have a cocktail while watching the sun set, as our approx 6 mile trek had left us parched, but I was wearing my 2nd Amendment shirt. and it being collarless, probably not welcomed so much in the swanky Ritz. But a short drive down to Dana Point Harbour, we found "Harpoon Harry's" restaurant and bar, where a pleasant waitress brought DDF a lemon drop and I had a tasty glass of Hess Cabernet. Once home, I fired up the grill to cook a grass fed steak while DDF phone a local Italian place to get a pesto pizza. Found the grill's hot spot by accident, and the rare grilling turned into medium well, 3 minutes a side, but that's something the creme fraische solved quite nicely, slathered all over the still juicy ribeye. 2 more glasses of wine and a long long long soak in the hot tub, and Saturday turned out much better than Friday.

    I'm glad you live in a friendly community where everyone remembers you & is happy to see you.


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