Monday, October 29, 2012

Unwinded? Barely Wine

At Fresh & Easy, they have a special on "Unwined" Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio.  It is made in Romania, and the sign in the store said it was "In cooperation with the EU and the Romanian Chamber of Commerce".  They were asking $4 a bottle, so I thought... "Why not?  I'll try it". 

I opened the Pinot Grigio first - it was a 2011, lol!  Dr Desert Flower and I were eating cheese and crackers (she was) and cured meats (I was), and I thought it might pair well with the Brie and the Toscana.  Well, in DDF's words"This is barely wine".  It was flavored water basically.  The weakest, most flavorless Pinot Grigio either of us have ever tasted.  It was not offensive, or harsh.  it was just not appealing.  Weak, watered down, virtually no flavor, white wine colored water.  I finished off the bottle over the next few days.

Then, a week later, I opened the Pinot Noir - a 2010 vintage.. lol!  And it was similarly innocuous as it's Pinot Grigio sister.  I cannot recommend it, unless you are looking for colored water that has virtually no flavor.

When I took my aunts to fresh and Easy to get their no-fat, no sugar added soy milk that they were seeking, there was STILL a GIANT pallet of Unwined in the middle of the beer & wine aisle.  Apparently, Fresh & Easy can't give the stuff away.

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