Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Republican Presidential Positions in 2012

I am not going to watch the Presidential Debate tonight, since I am not independently wealthy, not making the bulk of my income only from investments, and therefore not on the fence or undecided about who I will be voting for. If I was making the majority of my income from investments, taxed at just 15%, or hidden in a trust of an off-shore account, I'd probably vote for Romney in my own self interest, if my conscience didn't get the better of me. So I don't know who these "undecided" voters are in NY who will be asking questions tonight... but it is America, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions and perceptions. The SNL skit that aired a few weeks ago on Thursday, trying to identify who the undecided voters are ("Who is the president now?" and "am I allowed to vote?" for instance) was spot on.

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