Thursday, October 4, 2012

Martian Spiders

It took almost 40 years since David Bowie asked "so where are the spiders?" (see link) But NASA saw something today, that appears Bowie was way more prescient than anyone ever thought.

The NASA story is here (link).  We shall see what these spidery shapes really are, (likely geysers... but geysers of what?) when they're viewed more closely than from 200 miles away.
Yeah, the "private sector" would definitely have done a better job than NASA at getting 3 long lasting rovers to Mars, doing all the science that is so extremely profitable, and inspiring generations of youngsters to embrace science and engineering as a career path.  Martian spiders  / geysers / anything Martian, would not pass Romney's litmus test of "is it worth borrowing from China to fund?"  Sorry Mars, you and Jim Lehrer and Big Bird would have to remain in the dark.

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