Sunday, September 7, 2008

Convention Summaries

So I can sort this out, I want to make a short foot note of my observations about the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. In November, I can look back at this fondly, or depressingly... il faut voir.

DNC Convention
- Bush's administration has been a total disaster, domestically, internationally, financially, with massive incompetence
- McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time.
- McCain will perpetuate the same themes that Bush has promoted, and the country will continue in the wrong direction
- McCain is an honorable, well intentioned man who has served his country admirably in the military, but he is out of touch with average Americans (7 or so houses, $5 million / yr makes you rich, etc)
- An Obama administration will
appoint practical judges, not ideologues, provide tax credits as green energy incentives,
look out for the poor and the middle class while taxing the 2% of Americans making over $250K
push for national health care for everyone so that the current system that leaves 30% of America without any insurance at all gets fixed, and
agree with the Iraqi government on a withdrawal plan in the next 18 months.
go after Osama Bin Laden no matter where he is hiding
not try and drill America's way out of an energy shortage
ABSENT were: petty character attacks, any mention of trickle down economics, any promotion of abortion proliferation, a nomination of Hillary for anything

RNC Convention
- It's all the Democrats fault that Washington doesn't work (even though they have only a 1 vote simple majority on the Senate, no majority on the SCOTUS, and are not in charge of the executive branch)
- All Democrats want to do is grow government and raise taxes (even though every Republican administration for the last 60 years has grown government much more than their Democratic counter parts, and the only taxes the Democrats want to raise are on the richest Americans)
- "Community Organizers" are a huge joke, that deserve to be mocked
- the Democrats don't care about women because they didn't nominate (or even vet) Hillary, but the Republicans offer up a woman who is a creationist, extreme pro-lifer, pork barreler, spin artist, slightly to the right of Jesse Helms as their VP candidate.
- Chanting USA! USA! USA! can solve any dispute or voice of dissent
- if you don't mention the protesters and tear gas and mace and pepper spray being used outside the convention hall, it doesn't really exist
- A McCain adminstration would
get those "do nothing Democrats" in Congress to get off their asses and start drilling for oil everywhere
give tax breaks to corporations, even though it's been proven that does not stimulate job growth
repeal the inheritance tax
continue to poke a stick in the eye of other nations acting unilaterally, since consensus and true coalitions are a sign of weakness
lanch a war with Iran & Syria, just as soon as possible (or enable Israel to fly over Iraq, unimpeded, to strike the Persians).
re-launch the 43 year cold war that Reagan and Bush 1 had ended.
appoint SCOTUS judges who would be to the right of Scallia and Thomas
ABSENT were: any mention of the middle class, any mention of the poor, any mention of nationalized health care, any mention that the Iraqis want us out of their country within 18 months, any respect for thier political oppents

If I missed anything, please, feel free to comment.


  1. You missed that the republicans again reverted to the paranoid, aggrieved victimhood stance when they blasted the media as "liberal", "elite" and, well, pretty much OUT TO GET THEM. Never mind the kid gloves McCain's been treated with the by the networks for year, and never mind that the WSJ, FOX news, and most radio are unappologetically right-wing (and never mind that these are a bunch of plutocrats whining about how unfair they are treated).

  2. ah yes, for a bunch of "self made men" who have "pulled themselves up by their boot straps" Republicans LOVE to blame the media as unfairly targeting them, slanted against them, as the very societal victims they eschew. More hypocrisy-in-action.


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