Saturday, September 13, 2008

-129F in Vostok?

-129F in Vostok Antarctica? -129F? That's -90C, or 183.5Kelvin...

That's nuts. Even if there's a gauge error of +/-5% that's still -122F! I remember waiting for the bus in NW Indiana as a kid in the winter at -25F ambient with a -60F wind-chill. I'd spit on the frozen side walk, and then laugh as I kicked around the frozen hocker around like a stone across the windswept cement, next to the bike racks in front of the auditorium at Highland High School - frozen before it hit the ground! I used to think THAT was cold.

Give it a few more years though, and at the rate of climate change we're seeing, man-made or not, such extreme low temperatures will become extremely rare indeed.

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