Sunday, April 21, 2013

No Squared or Quartic Options?

On the fridge in the house we're renting, there's these options on the freezer door:

No Squared button, nor Quartic button?  I've never had a freezer door water / ice dispenser before, growing up or as an adult, so this new technology confuses this modern Neanderthal.

There's also no "slow ice" button, so whether I am in a hurry, or taking it at a leisurely pace, crushed, cubic or "quick ice" are the 3 available options.  Ironically, the "cubic" are actually rounded secant segments from the ice maker, and are in no way, shape, or form, cubic in shape.  Unless the fridge manufacturer was trying to differentiate it from hexagonal ice structure and instead make sure it was crystalline "cubic ice"... but I Highly doubt this is the case.  At least it is not Ice Nine.  =)


  1. Ok, I give up. What does "Quick Ice" do, and are the other options so slow that you really need a quick alternative?

  2. I ran experiments yesterday (n=5) to see if "Quick Ice" was any faster or different from non-Quick-ice. No perceptible difference to the consumer. Same size, shape, and delivery. But the appliance IS a good 15+ years old, so perhaps when it was much younger, Quick Ice had some differentiated significance.


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