Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gotta Hand It To Nikolaj

If you're a follower of Game Of Thrones, and you did not watch last week's episode "Walk of Punishment", then STOP READING THIS NOW, and come back after you have had a chance to catch up on your DVR-ing or DVD-ing.

If you have watched last week's episode, and you enjoyed the end of it as much as I did, then perhaps you'll enjoy this post.  Il faut voir.

So you see, in the world of the fictitious Game of Thrones, there's "Seven Noble Houses" who are vying for control of the world.  The Lannisters, who most people love to hate, are the insanely wealthy 0.01% of the top 1%, but even they have been borrowing from over-seas to pay for the running of the kingdom.  Their poster child of wealthy arrogance, is Jaime Lannister, played by Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.  Straight women and many gay men swoon over Jaime Lannister, and I frankly never understood the appeal, but I am as far to the right of the Kinsey scale on heterosexuality as a person can be perhaps.  I've just never been a fan of the pretty boy who gets everything he wants, never having had worked a hard day's labor in his life, and who everyone thinks is the most awesome, most amazing, most desirable human specimen ever.  His little brother Tyrion, played by the little person Peter Dinklage is far more interesting, intelligent, cunning, and likable.

So when the men of House Tully make sure that Jaime can never become "the hand of the king" (so to speak) I thought it was a great ending of the episode.
And immediately after this 'truncated' scene ends, the credits roll with a Loud playing by "The Hold Steady" of the folk song "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", which earlier in the episode, the Tully men were singing on horseback as they rode through the woods.  I found this to be a fitting ending, as Karma can be quite rough sometimes.  It'll be hard to handle a sword with just his left hand, in future episodes.

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