Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Please, use a spotter you can trust

For the sake of your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors, and your family, please, if you enjoy "breath play" as a form of erotic stimulus, use a spotter you can trust. Don't do such things alone like Michael Hutchence did in 1997, or with an irresponsible spotter like David Carradine apparently did (hands tied behind back? Very hard to do unless you are Houdini) who left him in a closet for the maid to discover. Not a wise decision, Grasshopper.

I don't personally enjoy such things, or even considering such things - perhaps since I had severe asthma as a kid, and frequent respiratory congestion even as an adult makes holding my breath for extended periods of time less than pleasant. But if I did, I'd insist on having someone I could completely trust there to make sure I didn't die, who could revive me, or who could & would call 911. It's not for my own safety and sanity I say this, as it is for the consideration of the people you know, and your loved ones, who have to learn from tabloids and coroner reports about what the deceased was indulging in prior to their unfortunate demise- or even worse, to be the one to find you! Please, if you do this sort of thing, always use a spotter you can trust.

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