Friday, July 6, 2012

The Heavy, Cosmopolitian Vegas Last Weekend

Dr Desert Flower and I drove 4 and a 1/2 hours to Vegas last Saturday, to go see The Heavy at the Board & Card bar in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.  It was indeed, and awesome show, a fun trip, and a learning experience all rolled into one.

First, the Cosmopolitan is by far, the nicest hotel in America in which I have stayed, and the most customer service oriented of the Vegas casinos.  Superbly trained, professional staff, ready to bend over backwards to help their guests.  A fine establishment indeed.  From front desk, to valet, to bellmen, to housekeeping, to bar staff, to cocktail waitresses, to poker dealers, to security guards, to restaurant staff.  Impressive all around.

Secondly, the Book & Stage bar is an "open" bar, meaning it is adjacent to the casino gambling floor, and would be impossible to be "too full" as people would just spill out onto the gambling floor in 2 directions.  The stage is literally behind the bar, so DDF and I got front row bar seats, in front of video gambling machines (DDF prefers blackjack, while my vice is Jacks-or-Better video poker).  The wait staff poured liberally as we pumped Presidents Grant & Jackson into our voracious video gambling machines.  This front row seating also afforded us the best seats in the house for The Heavy's 10:30 to Midnight performance.  After the show, we had several drinks with Swaby and the band, and got a chance to chat with the UK chaps.  Very cool indeed.

We did not see any kitten emerge from the elevators there.
Our room was on the North Side, AKA "fountain side" (adjacent to the Bellagio fountain - more on that later) with a lovely view of the north end of the Vegas strip, across the street from Paris.  The room was spacious, with a giant shower, a bubble tub, a living room area, and a queen sized comfortable bed, adjacent to a balcony large enough to do yoga on (which I did, Sunday morning, just to make sure I was not hungover). 

It was tremendous fun.  We took too much alcohol with us in Celeste - enough for about 9 or 10 people from the hard liquor bottle count, but we had no shortage of options to mix drinks in the room.  Sadly, the pools (3 of them) did not allow "outside drinks" so we wound up not going to any of the pools, but that's fine.  We have a pool here in Phoenix, so there was not-so-much aquatic allure.  And besides, we're no longer sculpted 20-somethings, so it's better to just float in our own back yard =)

Jane's Addiction is going to play at the Cosmopolitan in September... and we're thinking about going back.  Anyone want to join us?

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