Friday, July 28, 2017

Lint Police

If you don't keep your dryer's lint screen clean, your clothes will take longer to dry, your dryer will use more energy to dry the same amount of clothes, and you could eventually cause a fire as the lint builds up not just on the filter screen but further upstream as small particulate builds up on heating elements (gas or electric) and could readily combust.

I clean out the dryer screen every time I run a load of clothes through the machine.  I used to try and use my finger tips, but I keep my finger nails consistently short to avoid scratching myself when I get itchy from time to time, so "scraping" the lint off the screen is not so effective with just my fingers.  A few weeks ago, I started using the old spent dryer sheet to peel off the lint.  It works remarkably well.  I wanted to share this little life-hack with everyone else.  The used dryer sheet is 99.9% worthless, as it has already given up its fabric softener to the previous load, and it is just taking up space (albeit a minuscule space) in the dried load.  Fish it out of the load, use it to grab the lint's edge and peel it off the screen, easy, peezy.

And if you go camping frequently, and have trouble starting camp fires, save the lint to start fires, rapidly.  I've saved several lunch bags worth of it, to keep in my "WTSHTF" kit, if I ever need it.

You're welcome  = )

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