Friday, June 16, 2017

Live-a-Little, Nah

At my local Sprouts, when I am there getting several pounds of Boar's Head high quality meats, I tend to look over the wines that are local, organic, sustainable, in a perpetual (but futile) attempt to find a gem in the rough.  My latest unsuccessfully story is the Live-a-Little South African wine.  "Wildly Wicked White" was what is was called.

Well, our bottle tasted / smelled like a combination of isopropyl alcohol reagent, mixed with asparagus and celery.  Now, I Love celery, but an over-whelming taste & scent of it in a wine is less than desirable.

I am not condemning all Live-a-Little wines... nor all South African wines.  This bottle however, was undrinkable, and after tasting one glass, and offering DDF a taste as well, the rest of the bottle went down the Carlsbad sewer system, and eventually made it to the ocean.

Perhaps it was "Vegan Friendly" but it was Not taste bud friendly.

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