Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Not the warm smell of colitas, better...

Last Friday, I decided I didn't want to look at a bare, tan wall outside of my office, and changes needed to be made.  I drove to Lowes, and found potted jasmine, mandevilla, and organic potting soil.  I loaded them up into the XC70 and made planting plans for Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, after sleeping late (no kids, no dogs, no grand kids... why not sleep late?) I got up and began digging holes.  In-between the tomato racks that are in the eastern, narrow side yard, I dug two holes, each more than a foot deep and more than two feet wide, right next to the wall.  Hand digging, with a small pick, so as not to shatter or rupture any sprinkler lines, or other buried, unseen hazards, it was a sweaty endeavor to dig the holes.  Mixing the potting soil and the loosened soil, I transformed the space outside my office from this:

To this:
The scent of jasmine and citrus-trees-in-bloom now fill my side yard.  The weather was warm enough today for me to open the large window of my office as I worked to not only hear the hummingbirds sparring and vying for the nectar feeders, but I could also smell the delicious floral aromas wafting through the window.

It's not the "warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air" - which Urban Dictionary has clarified that is slang for pot smoke (foxtails... with the Spanish word for "tail", cola, in the diminutive form for "little tail", "colitas"... but it is wonderful nevertheless.  My own personal Hotel California is a pleasant place.  If you've not come visited us, you should.  If you've already come & visited us, come again.  We don't have any kids, or dogs, or grand kids... and our guest bed room is kept clean and ready for your visit.  = )

(What we Thought was a lime tree [from the scent of the leaves and their oils] appears to be a lemon tree, with blossoms, scent, and lemon tree thorns, right outside my window.  Either way...  they'll be organic citrus for our eating and drinking pleasure!)

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