Saturday, December 12, 2015

Winter IS Coming, but...

I checked the mail today... and there was a large US Postal package addressed to me, from a Brooklyn NY T-shirt shop.  No other return address nor note as to "from whom" or for what purpose...  Within the package was this XL white cotton sweat shirt:

It is humorous...  and it coincidentally goes along with he next post I was planning on doing, based upon a unique event that happened to my yesterday... but... I have no idea who sent this.  If it is someone who reads my blog...  thank you for the unexpected gift.  = )

Nominally, Winter will be here the week after next, in December 22nd.  In reality, North San Diego County doesn't really get "Winter" ... sure it might drop down into the low 50s or upper 40s some nights, and the days might not get up above 60 or 65F... but it's not really "Winter".  No dire wolves... but lots of Coyotes.  = )

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