Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dappled Sunlit Anna's

Outside of our kitchen window, I have hung a nectar feeder.  One old Anna's hummingbird has taken to roosting in the adjacent pygmy date palm whose fronds cover the feeder.  The sunlight that filters down through the fronds leaves a dappled effect over him.

Each of these photos is the exact same Anna's male hummingbird.   He's not afraid of me as I shoot his photo through he window.
He takes REALLY long blinks as well... in the middle of the afternoon
He's often itching - I suspect mites, and many birds get - and he's only 1/2 heartedly chasing away challengers who are smaller, younger, and more vigorous than he is.  (yes, I can relate, at this point in my life)

If he passes from this mortal coil (many hummingbirds live only 2 years) I will bury him in my back yard...  making sure not to catch any of the mites he might have.  That's all I need...  to add to my own itch.

The Holy Grail of images or videos, would be one like this...  if I could ever get the perfect angle:
(this link was shared with me by a close friend who loves hummingbirds as much as I do; merci)

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