Thursday, December 4, 2014

Of Course My Blood's Still Good

Yeah, I obviously had an un-donatable arm that prevented any possibility of providing life-giving whole blood to needful recipients.  Tuesday's Laguna Hills draconian, paranoid, hysterical staff were completely wrong.

Luckily, the American Red Cross's blood mobile's Ryan (blood drive coordinator), Michelle (phlebotomist) and Rita (supervisor) were reasonable health professionals.  Reasonable, rational, practical, friendly, personable people.  My faith in humanity is somewhat restored.

Thank you SEI Local 721 for providing me the opportunity to donate my blood, and being so nice about it.  I will continue to seek out blood mobiles, and non-Laguna Hills Donation Center drives, every 56 days.

It should not be this hard to help others.  Hopefully, in the future, it won't be.

I will be going to a local food bank non-profit on Friday morning to help provide technical consulting & maintenance assistance to their under-staffed and under-funded crew. That'll help round out a positive week.

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