Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Daenerys Targaryen, "Mother of Wyverns"

Somehow, Daenerys Targaryen, "Mother of Wyverns" doesn't have the same ring to it that "Mother of Dragons" does.  "Mother of Wyverns"?  Why yes, as my dear friend Ryan pointed out, Game of Thrones has gone the same way as Peter Jackson did when he ruined The Hobbit by making Smaug a Wyvern instead of a dragon.  Daenerys's wyverns have grown into considerably large creatures in Season 4 - big enough to roast multiple humans, tear apart goats, and scare the heck out of anyone non-magical.
Taken from the G.O.T. wiki (though the wiki is written very poorly; dragons must cook their food, but they can also swallow a horse whole? make up your mind wiki author!)
They also apparently have pretty wicked tempers and snap at their mother quite wickedly.  While they can't burn her, I am sure they could easily eat her.  Apparently Hollywood thinks that any dragon - a creature with 4 walking limbs, and 2 wings, with a long tail, who breathes fire, or acid, or ice, or sleep gas, or lightning blasts (if Gary Gygax, as well as multiple legends have anything to say about it) - must look pretty stupid, or be impossibly hard to computer generate, because they keep putting wyverns in place of dragons every chance they get.  Harry Potter, GOT, The Hobbit, Reign of Fire, all put in Wyverns instead of dragons.  Dragon Heart got it right, with an actual CGI dragon, but that was an exception to the rule (and Sean Connery needed to "catch" the spear shot at him by the mock slayer...   pretty hard for a wyvern to do with no functional front arms that are attached to wings).

While I thought that I was pretty clever with my "Mother of Wyverns" title, a quick google search shows lots of people leaving twats on twitter last year and posting on Tumblr about the "Mother of Wyverns".   Last Sunday's episode was the first time a formidable, threatening, not-cute-in-any-way wyvern (or trio of wyverns) was shown.  And even though they're not truly dragons, they're still cool.

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