Saturday, February 8, 2014

January Gardening

We've planted many flowers around our home, to add some color to the land scape.  The previous owners had renters in the house for 2 years before we bought it in October last year, and the landscape had become somewhat neglected and over-run with "low maintenance" plants that had little appeal.  We've changed that.  And unlike many parts of the midwest or northeast that are frigid & buried in snow or ice, we planted these in the warm 65F sunshine in December and January.  They appear to be thriving in the California winter.
French lavender is Dr Desert Flower's Favorite lavender
My mother called me to tell me that "on our bird bath in the back yard, we have 24 inches of snow. It looks like a birthday cake".  I do not miss that kind of weather, the shoveling required, or the salt put on the roads to melt ice that also attacks every metal surface it contacts.

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