Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Colbert Tyson interview

It's a little old, pre-Higgs Boson discovery, but it still has some good points.   While I know some of my close friends deride Neil, I think his passion for science is a force of good in the world.


  1. I agree. I like him. I love it when he talks astronomy & space exploration & support for science education. Sometimes he goes off the rails and that winds me up. Recent example, from a day or two ago, he tweeted: "People who spy on you have implicitly admitted that your life is more interesting than theirs." Well... that's cute, and would be nice to think so, but it's simply not true. A couple weeks ago he went on a spiel in which he willfully misunderstood performance enhancement & law in sports in a dumb false-equivalence apologism for doping.

    But I follow him because most of his stuff I do like. Here's a recent example that caused me to LOL: he was talking about the Perseid meteor shower and someone asked if it could be catastrophic, to which Tyson hilariously replied, "Rarely is anything that happens annually a catastrophe."


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